How to easily work on your side hustle ideas during your lunch break at your job

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Having a full-time job shouldn’t stop you from working on your side hustle ideas. While you are at work, make sure that you are working, but when you have a break and especially at lunch, that is your time and your should be working on your side hustle ideas. 

But to work on your side hustle ideas during lunch, you have to be smart about your time. You have to know that there are several things you can do that can continue to propel you in your pursuit of your side hustle.

Bring Your Lunch

One of the ways you can work on your side hustle ideas during lunch is to bring your lunch. One of the things you don’t have much of is time. And by bringing your lunch, you don’t have to waste your time ordering food or going out to grab food and come back in.

Not only will bringing your lunch save you time, but it will also save you money. By saving more money, it will allow you to invest that money into different software or marketing that you need to continue to build on your side hustle.

So by bringing the lunch, you will save time, save money, and move more towards getting your side hustle ideas out there for people to interact with.

Script Your Time

So besides bringing your lunch will save you time, having your time scripted will also save you time so that you can have more time to work on your side hustle ideas. Taking a few minutes before bed to script out your lunch day for the next day or for the week will allow you to still eat lunch and get in some work on your side hustle ideas.

I would suggest that you eat your lunch first. You need energy to continue to finish out your day for your 9 – 5 and you need a boost of energy to work on your side hustle ideas. You need to decide on what you will do during your time at lunch when you are not eating. Whether you will work on some copy for your next blog post, check your analytics to see how you are doing, posting a few social media post, shooting a quick video or reel, or whatever, you need to be tight on your actions so that you can squeeze it all in with no wasted motions.​​​

Use Your Phone

Your phone is your biggest asset for working on your side hustle ideas during your lunch break. With your phone, you are able to do many different things that will help you move your side hustle forward.​ You can use your phone to shoot some selfie photos or other photos to include on your Instagram or Twitter, send or respond to tweets, work on your blog post, shoot your podcast using something like Audible, record your voice for taking notes for later.

What’s great about using your phone to work on your side hustle ideas is it is always with you, you don’t need to plug it into the wall or need table space to use. You can sit out in your car and do everything you need to move your side hustle idea forward.

Bring your Tablet or Notebook

If you are able to bring your notebook or tablet (iPad/Samsung), you can truly expand what you can do during your lunch break working on your side hustle. By bringing these devices, you can easily write blog posts with ease, have access to other desktop apps that you wouldn’t on your phone, and help you to see more instead of viewing on your phone. As much as mobile phones are larger today, there is not comparison when it comes to productivity.

Make sure that you charge your device the night before so you aren’t restrained by having to find an outlet to plug it in.

Make sure that you are NOT working on your side hustle with your employer’s notebooks, tablets, or mobile phones. It could easily be a conflict of interest and you don’t want any issues with your employer. Also, don’t use your employer’s wifi. Use your phone as a wifi hotspot so that you aren’t using anything of your employer’s to work on your side hustle ideas.​

What To Work On At Lunch?​​

Post photos on social media

Post videos on social media

Post blog posts

Work on your script for your videos, social media posts, blog posts

Check on your website and social media analytics

Record a podcast

Call clients

Return or send important emails and texts

Cold call potential clients

Cold email potential clients

Cold DM potential clients

Find at least 5 tweets or IG posts to LIKE and Comment on​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Shoot an Instagram Reel

Shoot a YouTUBE short

Get on stage with Clubhouse

Sometimes we find excuses as to why we don’t have time to work on our side hustle ideas, but we have more time than we give ourselves credit for. And having a full-time job shouldn’t stop your from your side hustle dreams. Most people have at least 30 minutes to an hour lunch break and that gives you plenty of time, 5 times a week to continue to move your side hustle ideas forward.

And don’t forget about other 15 minute breaks you make have. Within those 15 minutes, grab your phone and post a quick IG story or send off some tweets that can help you with marketing your side hustle.

It is up to you on whether you will use your time wisely when you have a full-time 9 – 5 job or work a shift job.​​​​​​​​​

​​​If you need a good list of side hustle ideas, check out a list of side hustles.​ Or if you have any questions on how to get your side hustle going, don’t hesitate to reach out (info[at] so that we can get you to have your your side hustle to become your main hustle.

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